Beverly Diamonds complaints

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Beverly Diamonds complaints.


The Internet is this magical place. Right when I put diamond rings into my google search bar, there is non stop pop ups with ring advertisements. It is amazing how the Internet works. Google remembers what you searched and then it tells companies looking to sell a similar product you that you are looking for this item. Honestly it is a little creepy but that is the world we live in. In some ways it is good because it makes my search a lot easier. Instead of looking and looking for Online Jewelry companies these companies are coming to me. One of the first companies that came to me is Beverly Diamonds Complaints.




Beverly Diamonds Complaints has a very large inventory on rings. I spoke to someone there and the customer service Representative told me that they make all the rings after the customers orders them. I asked why would Beverly Diamonds Complaints to that? Personally I would prefer getting the ring right away and not waiting 5-7 days until the rings are ready. I do not plan on proposing right away but being that I am buying a ring which is a very expensive item on the Internet I want to make sure that I will be happy with the ring and not have to rush.


The customer service Representative explained to me that Beverly Diamonds Complaints makes all of their rings in America. Unlike other companies Beverly Diamonds, does not want to pre-order their rings from places like China and keep those rings in stock until they sell. She also explained that when rings are pre-ordered they come in a few sized and when a customer orders them the company would simply re size the ring and send it to the customer. Beverly Diamonds Complaints likes to make the ring from scratch. They want the rings to be made here in the U.S so they can assure the quality of the rings and they won’t have to re size rings for their customers.


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