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Rings   Searching for rings online is entertaining to people who likes jewelries. Taking time browsing and looking through the designs can be fun to them at most times. But to some, it can be a head ache and a bit difficult. Since not every website is real or legitimate, it is scary to buy Read more about Rings[…]

Diamond Values

Diamond Values   Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or diamonds are forever. These are slogans that we normally hear or see when diamonds are the topic. When we talk about diamonds, we say that it’s a great investment or that in the future you can reap a good value out of it since it Read more about Diamond Values[…]

Investing in Jewelries

Investing in Jewelries   Jewelries are a kind of investment, I always hear this from my folks. I see them mesmerizing the beauty and the glamour jewelries bring them. The elegance of a simple diamond pendant, partnered with the perfect outfit can give the feeling like a royalty. Investing in jewelry is one of the Read more about Investing in Jewelries[…]

How to Choose Beautiful and Valuable Diamonds

As a high-value merchandise, every diamond sold is accompanied by a “certificate”. This shows that the stone has a good “origin”, the source is clear, the purchase and sale are also easier and more valuable. That is why when choosing to buy diamonds, people often look to reputable jewelry stores to ensure their diamond is Read more about How to Choose Beautiful and Valuable Diamonds[…]

The Proposal that will make her “Say Yes”

Romantic and surprise are the elements that every girl desires. A loving but unexpected proposal from her beloved boyfriend is always the most wonderful and unforgettable sweet memory of any girl. Memorable proposals always need to be poetic, creative and surprise. Let her be the happiest woman before the wedding by the unexpected proposal guide Read more about The Proposal that will make her “Say Yes”[…]

Hidden Meaning when Wearing Your Ring on Pinky Finger

Many modern women choose to wear a ring on the pinky finger to express their personality and style. The wearing of diamond rings or clarity enhanced diamonds ring on different fingers have their own meaning that no one knows the full meaning behind them. Especially with a ring on the pinky finger. Let we explore Read more about Hidden Meaning when Wearing Your Ring on Pinky Finger[…]

yellow diamond ring

In Depth Guide to Choose Affordable Gold Diamond Ring

The cost of materials and technology to make platinum jewelry is very high, 1.5 to 2 times higher than white gold. While white gold has reached the endurance and metallic iridescent glow just like Platinum, the cost is much more affordable. Diamond rings are a very popular jewelry for women, especially gold and discount diamond Read more about In Depth Guide to Choose Affordable Gold Diamond Ring[…]

How to Choose the Wedding Ring to Match Your Hand

Wedding rings for slender hands If you have long, thin fingers and narrow palms in a rectangular shape, then you should choose small ring face, sapphire face, round or square diamond. Do not select the ring face too large, because the look will not balance with your hands. Small hands: Wide palm, short fingers, thin, Read more about How to Choose the Wedding Ring to Match Your Hand[…]