About The Imperfections Found In Natural Diamonds

It is rare to find natural diamonds with no imperfections at all. Not that you will have any reason to approach the Beverly Diamonds complaints desk with such queries, but natural diamonds are generally known to have its fair share of imperfections. Obviously, the rough diamonds will have all sorts of imperfections. It is in Read more about About The Imperfections Found In Natural Diamonds[…]

Colored Diamonds – The Best Style Statement

I am a fan of colored diamonds and Beverly Diamonds are the ones that I like the most. While choosing colored diamonds, you will be having many different options and shades to choose from. For example, there are many shades of pink colored diamonds for you to choose from. As the Valentine’s Day is nearing, Read more about Colored Diamonds – The Best Style Statement[…]

Buying Earrings From Beverly Diamonds

It is easy to find the Oval cut diamonds these days, because this is one of the more popular cuts right now. You find diamonds shaped in this way and studded into earrings, pendants, rings, bands, and other jewelry. However, what’s harder to get is a Princess cut that you have spent a decent amount Read more about Buying Earrings From Beverly Diamonds[…]