March 2016

Yellow Diamond Rings

Yellow diamond rings are stunning and beautiful jewelry that make a bold statement about your fashion sense and individuality. More and more, people are realizing the beauty of it and elegance of it. It’s not just limited to wearing at the office or at a dinner party, [Read More]

Beverly Diamonds Scam

Beverly Diamonds Scam   When I first looked at Beverly the first thing that came to mind is Beverly Diamonds scam. How else are they able to charge the prices that they do? It is not because they have bad styles or cheap rings. [Read More]
Beverly diamonds

Beverly Diamonds a Scam or Not?

Beverly Diamonds a Scam or Not?   Shopping online can be scary at times. Especially knowing that there are businesses out there that are only out for your money. The scariest part of it would be shopping online for jewelries and other expensive items. There [Read More]