Beverly Diamonds Reviews

Great View

Great View   Having a great view is something that will always sell. Whether you are looking for an apartment, house or condo. Or you are looking for an office in Montana or New York. Having a great view from one or more than one of the windows is something that everyone wants. It is Read more about Great View[…]

Diamonds are forever

Diamonds are forever Everyone has heard the terms Diamonds are forever. The quote diamonds are forever is all of the radio TV and billboards on highways across America. To many people’s surprise, the term has not been around for thousands of years. It was created in the last hundred years by the diamond dealers to Read more about Diamonds are forever[…]

Why I do not like the BBB.

Why I do not like the BBB. These are a few reason why I do not like the BBB. The BBB claims they were around since the early 1900’s. The BBB claims to be there to help customers avoid being scammed by letting people know about bad companies. All of that seems great on paper. Read more about Why I do not like the BBB.[…]

Beverly Diamonds

Over the last decade, Beverly Diamonds has become a global leader in manufacturing with over  hundred employees operating out of Japan, the United States and Germany. Under my watch, that trend of growth at Beverly Diamonds will continue in the years to come. The key areas that I have been paying particular attention to, is Read more about Beverly Diamonds[…]

Diamonds that sparkle.

Diamonds that sparkle.   Everyone wants diamonds that sparkle. Proposing with a diamond that does have any flavour to it is like buying a car to drive cross country and the cars breaks do not work properly. It might work, the car might get you to your destination. But it also might not work and Read more about Diamonds that sparkle.[…]