July 2016

Beverly Diamonds Rings

So what exactly is ‘’ White Gold “? Gold alloys were initially mixed with gold to make it somewhat pliable, so it would be much easier for fine jewelry to be manufactured. This process begins by adding different metals, such as silver & copper, but [Read More]

Beverly Diamonds Diamond Cuts

A History of Diamond Cuts & Beverly Diamonds Diamond Cuts   As we know historically that the first mention of a diamond was found in ancient historic Hindu texts. Over a millennia before actual mining practices began.  Fishermen fishing in India would find the stones [Read More]

Yellow Diamond Rings

Yellow diamond rings are stunning and beautiful jewelry that make a bold statement about your fashion sense and individuality. More and more, people are realizing the beauty of it and elegance of it. It’s not just limited to wearing at the office or at a dinner party, [Read More]

Investing in Jewelries

Investing in Jewelry   Jewelries are a kind of investment, I always hear this from my folks. I see them mesmerizing the beauty and the glamour jewelries bring them. The elegance of a simple diamond pendant, partnered with the perfect outfit can give the feeling [Read More]