August 2016

Beverly Diamonds Online

Beverly Diamonds Online Carbonado as it is called more commonly known as a “Black Diamond,” is a natural polycrystalline diamond found in various different alluvial deposits most commonly in the Central African Republic and Brazil. The carbonado or Black Diamond was originally first recognized as [Read More]

Beverly Diamonds Reviews

Beverly Diamonds Reviews Today we are going to talk about the most glamorous form that carbon can possibly take, a diamond.   For many millennia diamonds have always been associated with success, wealth & riches. Since they can be cut to form gemstones of beautiful clarity, [Read More]

Beverly Diamonds Online

Beverly Diamonds Online Gold is a soft metal which has characteristic deep lustrous yellow or yellow-brown color. Gold is an element with the atomic number 79, and gets its chemical symbol Au from the Latin word Aurum. Gold is one of the most highly-sought after [Read More]