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by Vincent on Beverly Diamonds
Cool Pricing, Great Daily Deal

I came into Beverly Diamonds with some expectations regarding the price and the selection. All my expectations have been met thanks to Beverly Diamonds. You would expect the price to be lower online as compared to what it is offline. But your expectations could not trump the reality of shopping from Beverly Diamonds, which is just a bargain, to be honest with you. I got up to 40% off on my diamond ring. But I have to tell you that this was part of a daily deal, meaning a discount offer for that specific day I bought. Perhaps on the day you buy something from here, the deal would be the same or different. Anyhow, you are assured of getting a big discount from this website.

by Parker on Beverly Diamonds
Beautiful Diamond Rings, and Mysterious Names

I bought this stunning diamond ring from Beverly Diamonds. It is an awesome product, and Beverly is a great place to shop. Nothing to say really, as everything was smooth just the way I wanted. However, one doubt I have is why would they name gemstone rings after flowers and plants. It is an interesting move from Beverly Diamonds. I presume they wanted to make each product unique and the only way to do that is by using different names from one another. And, there are many varieties of plants and flowers in the world, so with that, there would be no shortage of names. Am I guessing this correctly or is there anything more to it? Please tell.

by Tania Crowe on Beverly Diamonds
Huge difference with other similar diamond jewlery

I purchased my better half's French pave diamond wedding band from Beverly diamonds. It was a great experience. They have wonderful client support and give the best quality gems I have ever observed. My family has been in the gems business for a long time and I can say for a fact that there is a critical distinction in purchasing from Beverly diamonds and purchasing from spots that resemble Beverly diamonds. I just wish I got her engagement ring from them as well. They would not sell me a setting without the diamonds, so I had to match the setting with the jewel wedding ring I got from them. Either way, the deal with Beverly diamonds worked out quite well and I recommend you to try it too.

by Cara Lee on Beverly Diamonds
Individual Tastes

I came here to purchase a ring for my sweetheart (who will be my life partner). The group there is incredibly useful. Luke sat with me and went over the jewels one by one and helped me pick one. She spent a considerable length of time at the store to help me design my own diamond ring. She helped me assemble a wonderful ring that came inside my financial limit and a great choice compared with different stores. I requested the delivery to the store so I do not need to be stressed over the bundle. I'm very content with the administration and recommend Beverly diamonds strongly. They aid clients to construct a perfect ring for each every individuals' taste and need.

by Margaret Fisher on Beverly Diamonds
Quality of Diamonds

I invested my time in researching diamonds and even visited the diamond district located on 47th in New York. At last, I acquired a 2-carat princess cut diamond online from Beverly diamonds. I received individual attention from the advisors, and they found an ideal diamond. The rings arrived earlier today and the light performance of the stone is amazing. Honestly, it is the most lovely precious stone I have ever observed. It flashes splendidly without a single dead region anyplace on the stone. It could be considered as one of the true hearts diamonds due to the perfect cut. I have to say, the quality of the diamond is brilliant. It is worth every dollar I spent. I suggest all of you explore Beverly diamonds.

by Ruth Jones on Beverly Diamonds
Subtleties Of Diamonds And Safety

I had a deal completed with Beverly diamonds recently. I approached them for an adjustment of my ring. They were very friendly while communicating with us. Besides, we learned a lot of new things as we talked more. They made the required changes to the size and delivered the engagement ring on time. I saw that on their site when you structure your very own ring they have prescribed settings for the sort of stone you select. I recommend you attempt this so you will not need to stress over your diamond tumbling off. I have my ring protected well. They will provide you an appraisal for the estimation of your jewel and the GIA certificate. I love my ring and the subtleties that accompany their shipment. 

by Ben on Beverly Diamonds
Best Things Come at a Price

Finally, I got my hands on the diamond ring I bought from Beverly Diamonds. This jewelry piece has not a lot that makes women go all gaga over it, except the fact that it is a solitaire. I am a downright traditional guy, and I do not fancy wearing jewelry all that much. However, when my wife pushed me to wear something sparkly, I had to go for this. Solitaire is my favorite style among all engagement ring cuts because it is so stunning and understated compared to some of the others. Beverly Diamonds deserve a lot of credits for selling diamonds at an unbeatable price.

by Janice on Beverly Diamonds
A Bracelet for My Tennis Player Husband

At long last, I found a bracelet my husband likes to wear. He always told me that he would like to rock a bracelet popular among his tennis colleagues. This one has a style suited to him, so I spent as much money as I can afford on it. It feels great to see him smiling when wearing it on his wrist. Having said all this, I must tell you that this is not designed for tennis players only. Any person can wear this, of course. My husband is an up-and-coming player, and I hope this bracelet turns out to be his lucky charm from here on in.

by Cindi on Beverly Diamonds
Choosing an Engagement Ring Made Easier

I am writing this on behalf of my fiancé to convey our sincere gratitude to Beverly Diamonds. He spent months in search of a diamond ring, which would suit me. I am glad that his search ended at Beverly Diamonds dotcom. There was so many things for him to consider while choosing my ring that the process was starting to bore him. However, on Beverly Diamonds, there are filters to each and everything when it comes to engagement rings. For instance, he was able to search my ring by carat weight, size and by metal. Besides, Beverly has named diamond rings after flowering plants, which I think is a nice touch from them. Mine is known as Astilbe. It is such a cool name that I keeping it (with permissions from Beverly of course).

by Melody on Beverly Diamonds
Good to Have this Customized Engagement Ring

I did not want to buy a preset engagement ring (thanks to Beverly Diamonds’ staff for giving me that term). Why? Because I wanted it to have elements that match my personality. Having a ring customized by Beverly’s designers is such a breeze. You only have to upload another ring’s photo, which would give them some idea regarding what you want, and elucidate what elements you want in it. For instance, I wanted a three-stone setting, with round diamond at the center and smaller stones to its sides. Thanks to Beverly Diamonds for customizing (I hope I am saying this correctly) my ring just like how I wanted it to look. Besides, the three-stone setting matches someone who is as traditional as me.

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