Making the Decision on Diamond Cut

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Important Diamond Facts

People looking for round diamonds are usually stuck with the decision of choosing cut quality. Note that the most widely recognized choices are cuts allotted the grades of Excellent, Very Good and Good. There are specific reasons why they are assigned these grades and you need to understand them better to make a sensible diamond while purchasing jewelry. Below is a discussion on the attributes of these evaluations to understand how they are found in extraordinary Beverly Diamonds.

Diamond Cut Evaluation

The G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) reviews the cut of round diamonds with the following evaluations: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor.

How a Diamond is Cut Affects its Brilliance

As per Beverly Diamonds, the cut assessment procedure is truly complex. However, it comes down to evaluating the extents of the diamond’s parts, the symmetry of its features, and the nature of the diamond’s polish.

The relativity and symmetry of a diamond are significant matters for a reason; They decide the amount of the light entering the stone will stay in it and be reflected to the eye of the onlooker, and how much will spill out of the precious stone.

‘Excellent’ Cut Characteristics

Diamonds with an Excellent cut have design parameters that enable them to display most extreme brilliance, scintillation, and fire.

At the point when stones in this evaluation are observed from above, the light going through their facets makes a clear and balanced example of brilliant and dull spots.

‘Very Good’ Cut Characteristics

Most qualities of a Very Good cut diamond are limited within the Excellent range. However, what keeps similar diamonds from being given the best grade is that a couple of its measurements are outside the top standard.

These diamonds show awesome brightness, fire, and sparkle. Despite the fact that these qualities may not be in the same class as those of Excellent stones, Very Good diamonds do not look considerably different.

‘Good’ Cut Characteristics

Diamonds with a Good cut do not hold and reflect as much light as Excellent and Very Good stones. Therefore, their brilliance, fire, and scintillation are not as great.

When these diamonds are observed from above, either their facets do not provide a perceivable and symmetrical example of dim and brilliant spots. Otherwise, they display a structure which is dominated by darkness.

Make sure you bear the above factors in mind when you see the different cut qualities as you purchase your diamond jewelry.