channel setting

So what is channel setting exactly? Channel Setting is a very secure way to set smaller diamonds in a consecutive row inside of the band of the ring. This essentially makes the whole shank of the ring sparkle and shine. Also, the diamonds sit flush with the actual edge of the ring. They can go halfway down the band or they can competently go around the entire ring, it is up to you. This style of setting does not have any prongs, which makes it the best setting for very active people or just anyone who wants to avoid snagging.

The main benefit of choosing a channel set ring design is the security of the stones. If you think about it the main alternative to a channel set diamond ring is a Pave Setting. While pave settings are very beautiful and elegant they are nowhere near as secure as a channel set diamond ring. Since each small individual stone is being held in place by miniature tiny prongs. These small prongs can be prone to damage when the ring is not properly cared for and can cause diamonds to become loose or to even fallout in some cases. In the case of the channel setting you never have to worry about this issue, since they are physically set inside of the ring, there is no way for them to come loose and fall out of your ring. The gold of your ring will be covering the girdle of every diamond, therefore making it impossible for a stone to fall out. Channel set engagement rings really allow you to achieve sharp and modern ring designs without compromising the stability of the ring. Also, the channel design is much less likely to snag onto fine clothing or other materials whereas the Pave design can damage clothing.
The only Con as far channel setting goes would be when it comes to cleaning your jewelry. This is because dirt or other debris can get caught inside the channel and under the diamonds within the band. Which can, in turn, cause the diamonds to look dull, cloudy or even make the diamonds appear yellowish or browner. However, if you take good care or your rings and regularly get them cleaned then this should not be an issue at all.