Differences between the Radiant and Cushion Cut Diamonds

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Individuals looking to purchase a diamond regularly get confused between the radiant and the cushion cut. This is justified because the two look very similar. Hence, it is essential to understand the differences and similarities between the two kinds of diamond. This will help you when you are looking to make a purchase. Read on to understand the fundamental differences between the two kinds of diamonds. Remember to go on and purchase your favorite diamond even though you read the Beverly diamonds reviews that are sometimes negative.

What Is a Radiant Cut?

The radiant cut has a rectangular or square shape, with its corners cut neatly. From the top, its framework looks very similar to the emerald jewel cut.

What Is a Cushion Cut?

The cushion cut is also marked by a rectangular or square profile. The sides and corners of these jewels are somewhat adjusted, making a cushion-like appearance, which is the explanation behind this current cut’s name.

There are several important factors to consider when you compare these major cuts. These factors are discussed below.


  • One of the most noticeable contrasts among brilliant and pad cut is the difference in their profiles.
  • The radiant cut has a rectangular shape and its corners are cut.
  • The cushion-cut, meanwhile, has sides that are well rounded. Hence, its profile does not appear rectangular.
  • Certain cushion cuts can be adjusted to such an extent that they may appear oval.

Cut and Facets

Both the radiant and the cushion cut have a place in the category of the “brilliant cuts.”

  • This implies their facets are molded and crafted in a way that upgrades brilliance.
  • Even though these two cuts differ to some degree in the number and profile of their features, these distinctions are difficult to observe and identify from a nearby distance.
  • Further, the cushion cut has a large number of varieties that it is difficult to mention all differences between them and the radiant cut.
  • From a typical viewing separation, a radiant and a cushion-cut appear to be alike. The most striking difference is in their face-up diagram.


Cushion cuts that come with bigger facets may display less brilliance than radiant cuts. This is usually the situation with the vintage varieties of the cushion cut. Note that most present-day varieties of this cut are quite near the radiant cut when it comes to brilliance.

Keep the above actors in mind as a reference when you are looking for diamonds to buy.