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After the cutting of a diamond, there will be a process to give the necessary shine to the diamond. This is known as the polishing of the diamond. The polishing of a diamond will make it look more beautiful. This is because it will allow the reflection of light on its surface, which in turn will make it shine. It is the polishing of the stone, which gives, the cut diamond, a flawless finish. The polish of a diamond will influence the clarity and cut grade of the diamond.

It should be assured that you buy a diamond, which is well cut and well polished. Buying diamonds from Beverly diamonds can help you to be at peace because all the diamonds sold here are top quality stones. If you want to have a clear idea on the matter, check out the Beverly diamonds reviews that are given by the previous customers. However, over time the polish of a diamond can be affected by the regular wear and tear of the diamond. Therefore, it is very important to give proper care for the diamond that you purchase.

Here are certain important things to keep in mind about the polish of a diamond, when you purchase a diamond from Beverly diamonds.

Even Minute Flaws in the Diamond Can Affect its Polish Grade

Inside a GIA certificate, you can find the polish grade of a diamond below the section named Proportions. The polish of diamonds is rated by the GIA on a scale ranging from poor to excellent. There are many factors, which can diminish the polish grade of a diamond. This includes the burn marks that happen during the polishing process, rough girdle, abrasions, scratches, etc.

10x Magnification Is Used To Find Polish Flaws

The GIA uses 10x magnification to grade diamonds. Not all the abrasions and flaws may be visible to the naked eye. The severity of the flaws will be evident in the polish grade.

It Is Possible To Re-Polish Diamonds

If your diamond has taken any nick or blemishes due to an accident, the stone may be re-cut and re-polished. However, know that this will reduce the carat weight of your stone.

The Recommendations of Polish Grades are Different for Different Diamond Shapes

For the round diamonds, an ‘Excellent’ polish grade is recommended, whereas for the fancy shaped diamonds, a polish grade of ‘Very Good’ is recommended.

Taking care of your diamond properly can help you keep the polish of the diamond intact. You should do regular cleaning of the diamond so that its brilliance does not diminish. When using chemicals, remember to remove the diamond ring from your hand. In addition, be mindful to use safety measures to protect your diamond ring from damages.