What are Accent Diamonds?

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Important Diamond Facts

Solitaire is a classic and timeless engagement ring style, but not everyone wants it. Although Beverly diamonds reviews seem to be pretty impressed by it, others veer towards flashier or more modern styles.

Do you think a ring with one diamond at the center is too plain for your liking, and want something flashier? To have more bling factor in your ring, accent its center stone with other smaller diamonds.

Diamond Accents Defined

Accent diamonds are the small ones set in an engagement ring, and these place more emphasis on its centerpiece. These diamonds usually come in three shapes: rectangular baguettes, round melees, and trillion cut or triangular.

Accent diamonds usually weigh anywhere between 0.02 and 0.18 carat. These are used in many different ways on an engagement ring.

  • Chanel-set engagement rings contain a row of diamonds set within a channel made from a couple of metal strips. The stones set this way form one row, and it can run midway or all the way along the shank of the ring.
  • Pave-set engagement rings have small stones that are set directly on their metal band, so you will see less metal. These can be thought of as rings ‘paved’ with diamonds.
  • Past present and future engagement rings have two gemstones set on each side of the centerpiece. The stone in the center signifies present, and the ones next to it signify future and past respectively.
  • You can also have a ring custom-made by professionals with different yet complementary shapes. For instance, you can have baguettes on each side of a round brilliant diamond at the center, or trillion diamond accents next to the princess cut centerpiece.

Value of Accent Diamonds

These diamonds are often exclusively sold as set in an engagement ring. Because the accents are so small, these stones alone do not have considerable value. So if you are planning on investing in a diamond ring, the individual accent diamonds will perhaps add some value, though not quite a lot. If that is your intention, it is better that you focus on choosing the best quality center diamond instead.

One more reason why the value of diamond accents is not a lot is that the stones are usually lower in quality. Inclusions are common in accent diamonds, but because these are so tiny, you probably will not see the internal imperfections with the naked eye.