What Are Conflict Free Engagement Rings

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Conflict-free is the term used to denote a diamond which is sourced ethically. In the history of diamonds, it can be observed that blood diamonds have caused many instances of bloodshed, riots, and mass suffering. It is very important to ensure that a diamond you purchase from a diamond store is a very ethically sourced diamond.

In the present diamond industry, a process called the Kimberley Process is used to determine the legal source of the diamonds. If a diamond has to be sold in the United States or any other country around the world, it has to pass the standards that come under the Kimberley Process.

In the year 2000, some of the African states met together to discuss ways to reduce and stop the use of conflict diamonds. The Kimberley Process was the result of this gathering. All the UN countries have been abiding by these rules from 2003 onward. It is believed that of all the rough diamond production in the world, around 99.8% is guided by the Kimberley Process, today. Under the Kimberley Process, it is not individual diamonds that are certified as ethical or conflict-free. Rather, they certify and approve the diamond vendors who ethically source diamonds.

Any diamond from which the profit is used to fund violence against people or a government is considered as a conflict diamond under the Kimberley Process. However, there are limitations to this as well. The Process does not consider the governments of countries which are breaking human rights directly or indirectly. Those governments which use diamond sale profits to inflict child labor and violence, for instance, are overlooked by the Kimberley Process. There are also many reports coming out about fake certificates for diamonds in the name of the Kimberley Process.

Though the Kimberley Process helps prevent any new conflict diamond coming to the market, it can do nothing concerning those conflict diamonds which are already in circulation. Most of the conflict-free diamonds today are sourced from Canada, Australia, Russia, and some African countries.

On your pursuit to buy a conflict-free diamond engagement ring, you can ask the jeweler to give you the System of Warranties statement of the diamond you are buying. This is the formal statement which will confirm that the stone you are buying has passed the Kimberley Process. You may choose to buy your diamond engagement ring from Beverly diamonds where you can be assured of ethical sourcing. The past Beverly diamonds reviews prove that it is a trustworthy retailer that can be trusted in your diamond purchase ordeal.