What Are Lab Created Diamonds?

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Diamond is a substance which is formed naturally under the earth. However, some diamonds are created artificially in laboratories as well. It is under high temperature and high pressure that a diamond is formed under the earth’s surface. When the same conditions are simulated in a lab, an artificial diamond can be made.

Though lab-created diamonds are legally made, many fake jewelers sell lab-created diamonds under the name of natural diamonds. Since this kind of deception is very prevalent in the diamond industry, one has to be careful while making a purchase. This problem can be overcome if you choose to buy your diamond from a trusted seller like Beverly diamonds. They sell diamonds with proper specifications, and there is no deception involved in the deal. If you check out the Beverly diamond reviews, you can find the testimonies given by numerous customers about the seller.

HPHT Synthesis of Diamonds

It is by the HPHT (High pressure-High temperature) process that the diamonds are artificially synthesized in a laboratory. A huge press is used to create an atmosphere of high pressure. Diamond seeds are placed at the bottom of the press. High temperatures are used to melt a very pure carbon source from which the precipitation of carbon happens on the diamond seeds, thereby forming synthetic diamonds.

CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition)

This is a comparatively new method of creating synthetic diamonds. In this process, carbon-based gases undergo heating at high temperatures and are then ionized inside a compartment. The gas molecules, after breaking apart, form the carbon atoms. These atoms settle on a substrate in the chamber to form the diamond. Mostly it is the HPHT method which is used to make synthetic diamonds.

While purchasing your diamond, make sure that you are getting the product that you desired. When buying a natural diamond from a reputed seller like Beverly diamonds, the diamond will be certified by GIA, which ensures that the stone is genuine. Make sure that you get a diamond certificate along with the diamond that you buy. This will contain all the details about the stone. There will also be moissanite available, which is easily misunderstood as a diamond. However, having a good knowledge of lab-created diamonds will help you to overcome the deception of some fake jewelers in the industry.

Moreover, get to know the similarities and differences of a synthetic and a natural diamond so that you can choose the one which is in your best interest.