About Beverly Diamonds

About Beverly Diamonds


This is a review about Beverly Diamonds, a company based in the Diamond District of Downtown Los Angeles, California.

Beverly Diamonds is one of the largest and reputable online jewelry companies in the country right now. They are well known for their classy and elegant ring designs, unbeatable prices, and excellent customer service. Seeing that they are a well-established business, how are they able to compete with the rising number of competitions online today? The priority of the company is customer satisfaction. So in giving this review about Beverly Diamonds, the only aim I have is to give you an honest and real one.

As previously mentioned, the priority of this company is the satisfaction of their consumer. I believe that even the biggest companies in the world have unsatisfied customers. Given that fact, the question that matters is how and what resolutions they provide for clients with issues with the purchase.

A good thing about Beverly Diamonds is their immediate responsiveness to client purchase issues. Their willingness to compromise in order to resolve an issue with a consumer is truly impeccable. In my experience, the thing that I have noticed is how fast they respond to your inquiry. Initially, my purchase with them was not that good. I received my ring with a wrong size and I was very disappointed. I reached out to them through email. A few minutes later, I received an email with a full report of the order process and what may have happened. I appreciated their offer of providing a label to send the ring back to them and was promised a quick turn-around time. I decided to give them a chance to correct the issue I had and I was surprised as to how they were able to send it back to me after in 3 days. The ring was perfect. Aside from that small problem, I have nothing bad to say about Beverly Diamonds.

About Beverly Diamonds

Later on, I needed a wedding band, and I knew that coming back to them is the best decision I can make and as what I have expected, the service was indeed outstanding. I don’t know how they do it. Looking at the prices of their products, it makes one think if they even earn profit with every purchase, and yet, they are able to provide outstanding service and unbelievably pristine craftsmanship on their products. I am amazed. Everything about Beverly Diamonds is commendable. I highly recommend them to all who are in search for affordable jewelries.

If you would like to see more of their designs, click here. https://www.beverlydiamonds.com/