About The Imperfections Found In Natural Diamonds

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About Natural Diamonds

It is rare to find natural diamonds with no imperfections at all. Not that you will have any reason to approach the Beverly Diamonds complaints desk with such queries, but natural diamonds are generally known to have its fair share of imperfections. Obviously, the rough diamonds will have all sorts of imperfections. It is in the cutting and polishing stages that most of these imperfections are removed.

Some of the common flaws found in natural diamonds

In fact, most of the mined rough diamonds will have too many flaws to be even considered for making jewellery. But, they are not useless by all means. Remember that diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance and hence, it has got many applications in various industries. Rough diamonds with too many flaws are used for such industrial purposes.

Blemishes are some of the commonly found flaws on the gemstone surface. This can occur naturally or during the process of diamond cutting and polishing. Scratches are another type of flaws found on diamonds. If the scratches are minor ones, then a good polishing will get rid of such flaws. You are not likely to see any such flaws ever reported to the Beverly Diamonds complaints desk for the same reason.

Rough Diamonds

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Carbon inclusions are another type of flaws found in diamonds. Diamond is, actually, the crystallised form of carbon. But, in some cases, some of the carbon might remain inside the stone in its non-crystallised form. Experts at the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell highlight that these impurities are called carbon inclusions and a gemmologist will do the best to get rid of them as much as possible using various diamond enhancing techniques.

Imperfection in the color of the stone is another commonly noticed flaw. A diamond without any impurities will be colorless. But, the presence of some impurity or the other will impart the stone its characteristic color. For example, it is often seen that the presence of Nitrogen imparts a light brown shade to diamonds. The color of the stone is enhanced as much as possible through various techniques, in order to give it an even appearance. Then the color is graded as per the GIA rating standards.

You need to check these color ratings properly before you make the purchase so that there will not be any room for Beverly Diamonds complaints later.