Beverly Diamonds

A successful company is one that can Handle all customers like it is its own. Much like it is at Beverly Diamonds, their whole staff is dedicated just for that and they are known to go out of their way to get every customer 100% satisfied with their purchase. Beverly Diamonds is also known for their large selection of custom made rings and eternity bands, but not limited to that. Beverly Diamonds also has a huge line of studs which are selling at prices below any online retailer. A lot of their competitors have a very hard time keeping up with Beverly Diamonds.


7 Carat Baguette Cut Diamond Eternity Band SI F

Another great part about Beverly Diamonds is their upgrading and exchange process. They allow almost any ring to be upgraded at the lowest cost for their customers. Most jewelers would charge a 40-70% exchange fee, but Beverly Diamonds. They tend to give you the most value for what you paid even if has been a while back. My wife actually has been through 2 upgrades and it barely cost us so much. We also wanted to exchange one of our ring for studs and they did it at almost no cost to us. Overall my wife is ecstatic about the company and she drives me crazy to keep buying her jewelry.

A huge plus was also their shipping method, personally, I don’t rely much on shipping companies anymore, just because of the amount of bad experiences I had with them. Beverly diamonds makes sure to not only ship with the safest shipping method, but they also insure your package in case something does happen. We had a case where we lost our ring in transit and Beverly Diamonds had it fully insured so they sent us a new one after a few month ( after the claim went through ).My wife always says “When I buy jewelry it is only from Beverly Diamonds”. All I can say is that I definitely will keep buying her jewelry from Beverly Diamonds as long as they are doing what they do best.