Beverly Diamonds a Scam or Not?

Beverly diamonds

Beverly Diamonds a Scam or Not?


Shopping online can be scary at times. Especially knowing that there are businesses out there that are only out for your money. The scariest part of it would be shopping online for jewelries and other expensive items. There are many online stores out there that are really going to make you think of its legitimacy.  One of the companies I found while browsing for jewelries is Beverly Diamonds. I have come across this jewelry company when looking for a good gift for someone special to me. I see all these great reviews about Beverly Diamonds and it got me curious.

First thing I asked myself is how can I make sure that Beverly Diamonds is not a scam? I was hooked with the great prices they have on their products. Imagine getting diamond rings with an additional 25% off?? So, being the careful person that I am, I dug through all I can find out about them. Is Beverly Diamonds a Scam or Not?Beverly diamonds 1z-white

I reviewed the history of Beverly Diamonds. How long they have been in the business and how they run it. Finding out that Beverly Diamonds has been in the jewelry business for more than 13years, serving more than 13thousand customers gave me a good indication that the company is strong. If Beverly Diamonds is a scam, it will not last as long as this. I checked reviews about Beverly Diamonds and found great reviews from happy customers that have bought from them. Little by little, my research brought me to a very few reviews of customers that were not that good. I read through them and found out that most of it were because of misunderstanding. There was one stating that a day after their purchase which was a Saturday, they tried contacting Beverly Diamonds for an update but couldn’t reach them therefore it made them doubt their purchase and asked if Beverly Diamonds’ a scam or not. I checked the schedule of their office and found that they are closed during the weekends. Being unable to contact them on a time Beverly Diamonds is closed gave them a conclusion that they were scammed. Clearly, this was a misunderstanding.

The ring designs in their website are amazing. In order to get more details, I decided to call them and I manage to speak with a few representatives to see how they will accommodate a customer. In terms of customer service, I must say, they are superb. I was amazed by how they were able to answer all my questions. All the terms and conditions and even the process of shipping rings insured to customers have been disclosed to me. Their policy was explained to me in details. They provide education to customers about diamonds if you are not familiar with them. Overall, I am very satisfied about the things I found out about Beverly Diamonds. It answered my question. Is Beverly Diamonds a scam or not? The 100% truth, this company is NOT a scam.

I’m looking forward to doing more business with them in the future.


Chris Anderson


This is a link to some of the reviews that I read on the internet