Beverly Diamonds Complaints Cell Educate Customers About Simple Diamond Tests

beverly diamonds complaints

Two things happen before a diamond is sold. The seller tries to convince the customer about the specialties of a diamond and the customer gets convinced. If the customer has many choices before him/her, they ask the diamond seller about the specialties of each diamond. The seller then explains to the customer about the uniqueness of each diamond such as the four C’s. If the customer is not getting convinced so easily, the seller would even perform certain diamond tests before him/her.

Beverly Diamonds, a Los Angeles based online diamond seller that is known for its quality customer service and pure diamonds, insists on educating customers about diamonds. The seller, who says that there are no proven Beverly Diamonds complaints report, said that every customer has the right to ensure that what he/she gets is pure diamond.

As a diamond seller, Beverly Diamonds is truly a paradigm to all diamond retailers and sellers. It releases frequent updates about diamonds, diamond quality parameters, diamond price, diamond tests, etc. on its official website. One of its recent blog posts is all about identifying pure diamonds from simulated diamonds. The blog post encourages the customers to verify the diamond before purchasing it.

Beverly Diamonds Complaints

Formation Of Diamonds

According to the gemologists at Beverly Diamonds, natural diamonds are not 100% perfect in appearance. They may have tiny signs of imperfections such as cloud spots, black specks, lines, etc. Conversely, simulated diamonds look quite perfect because they are artificially made. It is easier to create a perfect simulated diamond than an imperfect one. On the other hand, natural diamonds are formed gradually, taking hundreds and thousands of years. It is quite natural that they may have small imperfections.

According to the gemologists at Beverly Diamonds, by insisting on getting the diamond tested, one can protect himself from being deceived by a diamond seller. Similarly, always insist on buying diamonds from a reliable diamond seller. Beverly Diamonds is a genuine diamond seller. It was started in 2002 and continues to be the leading diamond seller in the market. It has never been affected by Beverly Diamonds complaints or Beverly Diamonds scam report so far.

All diamond jewelries sold by Beverly Diamonds are GIA certified. The seller is open to any Beverly Diamonds complaints that customers may have. It also encourages the customers to clarify their concerns like Beverly Diamonds scam reports.