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What exactly is color enhancement to diamonds? Irradiation is generally the process in which gemstones are exposed to different various types of nuclear radiations in order to change some molecular parts of the internal crystal structure. The change in the x-ray crystallography causes the gemstone to alter the natural color of the stone. Either A. by the addition or B. by the subtraction of some part of the molecular crystal structure. Did you understand that? No you did not? Okay let us try to make this simple for you. Various gemstones which are irradiated have their actual color changed due to its being placed inside a small nuclear reactor which cooks the diamond or stone as a high energy heat until it changes color. Do you understand now? Perfect. It is well known that Beverly Diamonds Customers are very content because they know they can always make a special order request and buy jewelry with color enhanced diamonds. A diamond having its color changed due to radioactive energy is pretty much a simple concept that everyone can grasp.

Can you where your color enhanced diamond jewelry every day? The answer is yes. Most if not all radiated stones will have colors that are permanent. Beverly Diamonds Customers love how you can buy any shape, color, size and clarity diamond you would like from Beverly Diamonds. The main reason is due to the energy level that is present in the reactor is so high that it requires an equal energy level to undo the color change. Essentially unless you are hanging around inside a nuclear reactor for a couple of days, the color changes to your diamond are generally permanent.

What does this treatment do to the stone exactly? Essentially the radiation bombards the atoms inside the diamond, either knocking them out of the stone, or moving them around inside the stone. The molecular removal from the stone, or the atomic relocation inside the stone, causes the diamond to react to light much differently, which in turn is what causes the diamond to give off a different color. Beverly Diamonds Customers love the fact that the employees at Beverly Diamonds are very knowable in diamonds and will always educate the customer before making their purchase. Natural blue diamonds and blue topaz are very difficult to find and are definitely extremely expensive.  The enhancement process makes these stones much more affordable.

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