Beverly Diamonds Diamond

Greek is the origin of the word Diamond, “adamas” meaning unconquerable. Diamonds are derived out of pure carbon. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to man. A Beverly Diamonds Diamond will last you an entire lifetime. Diamonds in history have always been a sign of wealth and prosperity.

Queens, Kings and lords have worn these forms of concentrated carbon and even more countless millions people over time have lusted after them. Some diamonds are transparent, blueish, truculent white, yellow, black, brown and even green. You can buy a Beverly Diamonds Diamond in almost any color. In order to really understand about diamonds, it is good to know their origin and how they came to be.

Diamonds are the most frequently used form of currency in Sierra Leone, and the Democratic Republic of Congo use diamonds to purchase weapons.  The most historic diamonds were found in India and Borneo at the bottom of rivers. In the early eighteenth century, deposits similar to those in India were found in Brazil. If you buy a Beverly Diamonds Diamond you know you are indeed getting a conflict free diamond.

3 Carat Baguette Cut Diamond Eternity Engagement Ring with Round Cut Center Stone, SI H

The story of African diamonds began somewhere between 1866 -1867, when a fifteen year old found a transparent stone somewhere on his family’s farm, near what we call the orange river. Within the next fifteen years following that encounter, many African diamond mines produced more diamonds than even in India.  If you buy a Beverly Diamonds Diamond you can be assured that it is not coming from India. This increase in African Diamond production occurred at the same time as the diamond mines in Brazil experiences a sharp decline in their production. This assured that the market would stay stable and strong, since the mines in brazil stopped producing as the mines in Africa began to boom.

Diamonds are the purest form of carbon in its natural transparent state, they are formed below the surface of the Earth. Every Beverly Diamonds Diamond is natural and made by god, they do not use lab created diamonds at all. Over 150 Kilometers below the Earth’s surface in what we call the earths’ mantle, that is where most diamonds are formed. The diamonds only ever make their way all the way up the surface when they are captured within liquid magma or hot lava. Once they reach the surface diamonds may be found in various volcanic pipes called kimberlites or sometimes also in loose mineral deposits which are commonly referred to as alluvial deposits.