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Beverly Diamonds Online

De Beers is responsible for the sale of over two thirds of the world’s diamonds. Right after the discovery of diamonds in Africa they were one of the first companies to come down to Africa and place roots there. Beverly Diamonds Online is the leading retailer of diamonds online.  In 1870 Cecil Rhodes started his new search for diamonds. A different English miner named Barney Barnato, who was well known as Rhodes’ rival, fought to try and control the same diamond claims as Rhodes. Then when 1880 came around, is when Rhodes purchased out Barnato and had founded De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd. Rhodes had a vision, Rhodes had a dream that one day he would control the entire diamond market.

Then by the time 1888 came along, he accomplished his vision and he had gained monopolistic control over the whole diamond market. Then he created the cartel, what is known as the London Diamond Syndicate, the biggest and most successful diamond merchants of all time. His syndicate allowed him to perfectly match supply with demand. They provided him with crucial information about the diamond market which allowed him to create essentially an artificially controlled supply of diamonds. So in return for their assistance, the each diamond merchant was guaranteed a certain amount of diamonds from Rhode’s mines. Purchasing through Beverly Diamonds Online is a more efficient and modern way to purchase.

In 1929 is when Sir Ernest Oppenheimer was elected as the chairman of the board of De Beers. Mr. Oppenheimer followed essentially the same model of his predecessor by using the basic channel marketing structure but he also created & formed the Central Selling Organization (Know to many as the CSO) by incorporating other major buyers and sellers into what was known as the De Beers syndicate. Beverly Diamonds Online has so many different diamond options to choose from.

Mr. Oppenheimer’s strategies were tested out during the Great Depression and of course the number of diamonds mined were much more than the actual amount of diamonds being purchased on the market at that specific time frame. If you go online to Beverly Diamonds Online you will be able to purchase any shaped diamond you would like to buy. In the end Mr. Oppenheimer was eventually forced to close several of the De Beers mines and still bought diamonds form the various members of the CSO as was the previously arranged agreement.

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