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Beverly Diamonds Online Helping in Africa

If we stop purchasing blood diamonds it will help stop child slavery directly, by cutting off all illegal diamond trade & preventing the funds from these diamonds to continue contributing towards the war. It is well known that Beverly Diamonds Online uses only completely conflict free diamonds in their center stones. It will also help prevent any more funding for the war involving the various rebels. The 1st step to stopping this and helping this issue is to educate the world on this and to spread the word. There is a very accurate portrayal in a movie called “Blood Diamond” (starring the famous Leonardo DiCaprio). It is set during the Civil War Sierra Leone in 1991-2002. It shows the whole country being torn apart between the government soldiers and the rebels who abducted their children. Forcing them to participate in the war. It shows many of the atrocities of that specific war also similarly to what is going on in Africa today.

The second step to help with this long standing issue is to donate towards the World Food Program (WFP). Beverly Diamonds Online donates proceeds to the WFP every single year. Because of the war these natives have been raided and pillaged in their villages and are now left sick helpless and homeless. WFP helps the individuals and their families by delivering food and water to save the lives of the victims and their families.

Child soldiers are practically robbed of their whole adult childhood and robbed of all chances in have an education and are exposed to very dark dangers, including mental & physical suffering. Since they were essentially forced to fight and learn how to use firearms, they are not given any source of hospice care whatsoever they are only there for their blood and sweat. Beverly Diamonds Online only uses 100% conflict diamonds I order as not to support the rebel causes. Supporting the WFP and stopping the trading and support of blood diamonds can put an end to this long and devastating civil war that has been going on in Africa for several years.