Beverly Diamonds Reviews – Beware Synthetic Diamonds


Synthetic Diamonds Invading the Natural Market

  Synthetic diamonds are man-made, which means man can make unlimited amounts of them. It is important to note that synthetic diamond technology is driven by U.S., Chinese and other government defense departments seeking to create strategic military innovations. These innovations include Qbit diamond computers that multidimensionally store information at the atomic level and sophisticated lenses for laser warfare. Synthetic gem diamonds are an offshoot of defense department synthetic diamond research, which is strategically driven, highly budgeted and rapidly advancing.

  Given global competition and unconfirmed reports of some 10,000 machines already operating in China, it is likely that supplies of synthetic diamonds will skyrocket. Furthermore, rapidly developing defense technology and competition will rapidly lower their cost.

  Synthetic sellers make a big point about disclosing that their synthetic diamond is exactly the same as a natural diamond. That is not true. Natural diamonds have natural scarcity, which enables them to be a store of value. Synthetic diamonds have no scarcity and are not a store of value. Consumers think they are buying a diamond with all of its attributes. They do not realize that they are buying something that does not hold value. Beverly Diamonds reviews that state that Beverly Diamonds has never tried to sell synthetic diamonds as accurate and truthful. The company works overtime to ensure that their diamonds are pure, natural, conflict free gems.image1 (4)

  The fact that sellers try to sell synthetics at a discount to natural prices, instead of on a cost-plus basis, enforces the lie that synthetic diamond values are just like diamond values — only cheaper. If Millennial consumers are tricked into replacing natural diamonds with synthetic diamonds that do not hold value, because they didn’t read Beverly Diamonds Reviews they may be turned off to all diamonds forever when they find out the resale value of their synthetics. By reading Beverly Diamonds reviews, folks can better educate themselves about the true value — or lack thereof — of synthetic diamonds. Beverly Diamonds reviews are a clear-cut explanation of the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Beverly Diamonds has never even considered the use of synthetic diamonds. A price analysis of all the round 1-carat synthetic diamonds offered on Diamond Foundry’s website indicates consistent pricing at about -35 percent below the Rapaport Price list. A similar selection of natural diamonds on Beverly Diamonds came in at -28 percent below Rap, indicating an 8.4 percent discount for synthetics.

  The fact that consumers are not fully and fairly informed about the fact that synthetic diamonds have unlimited supply and therefore cannot serve as a store of value is dishonest. Providing consumers with partial information under the guise of being totally transparent is a scam. Unlike  Beverly Diamonds Reviews, most diamond companies would rather simply turn a blind eye and pretend to not know where their diamonds come from, whether conflict or man-made. Natural diamonds have consistently served as a store of value for hundreds of years and consumers mistakenly believe the same of synthetics.

  Consumers have a right to know what they are buying. Do they know that the value of synthetics is unsustainable and that the price they paid will fall sharply in the years ahead? Would they buy synthetic diamonds at anywhere near natural diamond prices if they knew the facts? Consumers are being unfairly misled by synthetic companies that don’t tell the whole truth. When they find out they have been ripped off there will be hell to pay.


Beverly Diamonds Reviews