Beverly Diamonds Reviews – New kid on the block

Today, for a significant chunk of diamond-buyers: men looking to propose, the answer is not the little box we’re all thinking of, but low cost web-based Beverly Diamonds. The threat of Beverly Diamonds reviews has been felt most by the online middle market, but increasingly by high-end brands like Tiffany and Kay.

So what should diamond retailers do? The answer may be counterintuitive: nothing. As so many people express in “Beverly Diamonds Reviews,” sometimes it’s better to let go of familiar brand names, and just go with the new guys.

Beverly Diamonds’ primary advantage is that it offers diamond engagement rings online at as much as 45% lower than retail prices. Their basic premise is that a few photos and a good price should be all a man needs to select a diamond. Beverly Diamonds Reviews tell us that the people agree. Beverly Diamonds also provides simple-to-use educational tools and an impressive virtual inventory. For men who hope to get the biggest most important “yes” of their lives without the biggest price tag attached to it, Beverly Diamonds is a clear winner.

While Beverly Diamonds Reviews are evidence that Beverly Diamonds is one of the greatest sources for beautiful, conflict-free, certified diamonds..some people are still skeptical. For this latter group, they have a different set of priorities and might be willing to spend their paycheck on a ring, and not have a place to live once their married.

For example, men who are hiring a diamond seller because they are nervous about finding the perfect ring might be hesitant to shop online. In a store, they can gauge a diamond’s sparkle with their own eyes, or they can discuss with the jeweler. In a high-end store, they can be confident in the social status that comes with having a brand name ring, even if it’s a total ripoff.  As one young man I emailed with put it, he was hesitant to buy from Beverly Diamonds for the same reason he wouldn’t buy a used car from Ebay. A car is more than mileage, year, make and model (does it smell? does it ride smoothly?). Likewise, a diamond is more than clarity and color. But Beverly Diamonds Reviews convinced him otherwise. Beverly Diamonds’ online platform fulfilled his need for feeling completely confident in his ring choice.