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Changing the jewelry, not the jewels. 

The crafting of jewelry is among the oldest arts on earth, with pieces dating as far back as 10,000 years ago. Adorning the body with jewelry is one of the oldest methods of displaying wealth, power and beliefs. The jewelry business has traditionally been very conservative, changing slowly with the emergence of new materials such as aluminum and plastic. As the cost of gold increased during the past decade, alternative materials, such as stainless steel and cork, have been utilized.

The jewelry industry is divided into the two distinct sectors of fine and costume jewelry. Fine jewelry is made of precious metals

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, such as gold, silver and platinum as well as diamonds and gems. Costume jewelry follows fashion trends and is typically made of gold plated metals such as brass or silver with artificial stones, such as cubic zirconia.

The Western world’s recent focus on human, environmental, and viability issues has encouraged the exploration of new materials, sources and means of production and commercialization within the jewelry business. Beverly Diamonds is an American jewelry company that is exploring the use of new materials in jewelry while minimizing their environmental load and improving the positive social impact of their products. Beverly Diamonds is one of the world leaders in affordable, eco-conscious diamond jewelry. They are an amazing company that pushes the bounds of innovation in the design of fine jewelry to new heights.

There is a relatively low barrier of entry into the jewelry industry since jewelry-crafting tools and CAD based product development are inexpensive and quick, with mass production coming at a much later stage. This could potentially provide a suitable climate for innovation, however structurally the business is still difficult to navigate and precious metals are expensive.

With consumers becoming more concerned about environmental issues, Beverly Diamonds reviews play a crucial role in maintaining the company’s good reputation, while informing the public of their eco-conscious efforts. With over 50,000 satisfied customers, there is no doubt that Beverly Diamonds is stiff competition. Beverly Diamonds reviews web-wide are full of praise for the small but brilliant, diamond in the rough. Read more Beverly Diamonds Reviews to learn more about this wonderful gem.


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