Beverly Diamonds Reviews

Beverly Diamonds ringsThings to Look for in an Online Retailer like Beverly Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds is one of the longest-serving e-commerce companies, which is evident from the Beverly Diamonds reviews. They have been selling jewelry online since 2002. The company has sold more than 25,000 engagement rings. Besides engagement rings, its collection also includes earrings, wedding sets, wedding bands, bracelets, studs, and pendants. As the company name implies, Beverly Diamonds mainly sell diamond jewelry, although they also offer pieces set with moissanite and other gemstones.

Most people are accustomed to purchasing everything online these days. This includes jewelry too. When buying a diamond or jewelry set with this sparkling stone from an e-commerce store such as Beverly Diamonds, you need to consider many factors. Needless to say, the reputation of the online retailer is the most important factor of the lot. You can also go through Beverly Diamonds reviews to understand more about the jeweler.

Does the Online Store Give You Essential Information of Diamonds?

Any person can download stock photographs of different gemstones and post them online. In addition, anyone can upload computer-generated drawings of different pieces of jewelry and claim that they made those designs. What you have to expect from an e-commerce diamond seller is their willingness to share their product information with you.

For instance, actual photos of the gemstone you are going to purchase, videos showcasing diamond rings realistically, and even information such as the certificate of authenticity should be made available to you.

The success of Beverly Diamonds is attributable to the 3D videos of engagement rings, available in their collection. Diamond ring buyers online need full assurance that the product they are looking at is genuine. The 3D videos on the Beverly Diamonds website show rings in their splendor and as realistically as possible. This retailer offers you the option to see diamonds for yourselves with this revolutionary video technology. Great videos are extremely useful and are more significant than what you may think of it.

What’s more, the jeweler has set benchmarks for the e-commerce jewelry segment in many areas. They offer only the finest quality diamonds, which go through a stringent quality control checking. Besides this, they deliver each ring alongside a certificate of appraisal. The company follows the Kimberley Process, making sure that diamonds are not sourced from areas of conflict.

The best practices followed by the retailer help assuage the concerns of customers regarding diamonds genuinely. These are some of the things you should look at, to ensure the product you plan to buy is authentic.

Do They Help You Understand More about What You Are Purchasing?

Another aspect of a good e-commerce store is whether they give good customer service or not. Purchasing diamonds is often heavy on your pocket, and the sector is full of jargon that can confuse a novice. So, it is common to expect a live messaging or voice chat system which will help customers clarify their questions.

There is a reason why Beverly Diamonds reviews have been good so far: their customer service. The team of this company comprises sales associates, gemologists, jewelry designers, and others, who together aim to give exceptional products and service. They welcome inquiries for a face-to-face consultation with their experienced jewelry experts, who are always on hand to guide you through the jewelry selection process and online purchase.

Online vendors have different business models, based on the complete absence of steep advertising fees and expensive rentals. With better broadband speeds and improving technology, you will buying wedding ringbe pleasantly surprised by how advanced the online shopping experience can be.

A fine online jeweler can offer to custom design a ring similar to what you have seen elsewhere, with considerably lower rates and turnaround time. A vendor such as Beverly also offers custom designing service. You only need to upload a photograph or sketch, which can give them an idea of how you want the final ring to look like. Their team of jewelry designers will take care of the rest for you, and they will give you the finished piece in quick turnarounds.