Beverly Diamonds Rings

So what exactly is ‘’ White Gold “? Gold alloys were initially mixed with gold to make it somewhat pliable, so it would be much easier for fine jewelry to be manufactured. This process begins by adding different metals, such as silver & copper, but the traditional yellow gold color is never altered. White gold alloys are created by a mixture of at least one sometimes more than one white alloy to gold. The most common white alloys that are used are silver, nickel, zinc & sometimes palladium. Introduced to the world around 1920, to find a replacement for popular platinum, since platinum is a very expensive entity. Beverly Diamonds Rings are offered in all kinds of golds as well as platinum. Supply of platinum became very scarce throughout the 1920s, and white gold became a replacement and started being used in all jewelry. Since its inception, such gold jewelry became very popular and replaced platinum to some extent. Most Beverly Diamonds Rings are ordered in either 14k White gold or in 18k White gold. The second most popular precious metal used in Beverly Diamonds Rings is platinum, since it does not need to be serviced as much as gold dose.

What comes into play as far as color is the different proportions and mixtures of the metal alloys combined with the gold which change the true color of the gold. The scientific atomic anabolic structure of gold alloys are actually different then of pure 24k gold. The anabolic structure of the atoms do have an immense affect to the reflectivity and shine of light off the ring. Which in turn change the natural yellowish/orangey gold color to a white gold color. This is what we all call “White Gold”. Beverly Diamonds Rings are most commonly found in white gold and some say that the most popular precious metal for diamond jewelry is white gold.

After the metals and alloys are fused together the white gold may still have a slightly light grayish or even slightly yellowish hue to it. That is why all Beverly Diamonds Rings which are made in white gold have a rhodium process done to the ring, some call it a rhodium plating, not once but twice. That is how and why the Beverly Diamonds Rings get that very desirable white gold look which we all know and love. The rhodium dipping process is what give the Beverly Diamonds Rings their famous shine and glint that everyone has come to love.

Now that we know all Beverly Diamonds Rings in white gold are finished off with a rhodium plating, for the reflective shine and bright white color which everyone loves. Underneath the special rhodium plating, lies the true “white gold alloy”, which like we mentioned earlier may be at times gray or even sometimes a yellowish slightly darker gray color. After time and everyday use to any rings weather they are tiffany company rings or Beverly Diamonds Rings the rhodium plating will eventually over time wear out. Then the actual color of the “white gold alloy” will start to come to the surface. That is why your White Gold ring is changing colors. In time the rhodium plating of the white gold ring or any jewelry for that matter wears out, which then in turn exposes those inner alloys which were aforementioned.

To summarize, what we all know as “white gold” is not an actual entity itself since pure natural gold which comes from the ground is yellow in its true color. White gold is on the other hand a mixture of different gold alloys, which we know as that ‘white’ shiny color which we love, due to the special rhodium process which is done. Since the plating and rhodium process dose fade with some time and everyday wear, the inner alloys are exposed, which is why white gold jewelry starts turning yellow. Essentially the reality is that the quality of rhodium plating has a very big factor to how long it will last in its shiny white gold state. Everyone knows that Beverly Diamonds Rings are all finished off with a meticulous quality rhodium process. That is why your Beverly Diamonds Rings are known to last very long before needing to be rhodium dipped again. Just make sure you buy your white gold jewelry from an authentic reputable jewelry company such as Beverly Diamonds. Cheap Rhodium plating jobs wear out very quickly. The handling of your Beverly Diamonds Rings are important as well, since rough use and uncommon practices while wearing your engagement or wedding ring will always have an effect on the plating no matter what diamond company you purchase from.