Beverly Diamonds Scam – Don’t Blow the Bank!

Don’t blow the bank

You’ve likely heard that men should spend between two and three month’s salary on an engagement ring. That stat, which is patently ridiculous, probably leads a lot of men to put engagement rings on a credit card, which makes them worry about beverly diamonds scam. Maybe don’t do this? Of course you want your girlfriend to love her ring, but there’s a lot of information out there linking divorce to money problems, specifically debt.

Also, know the shortcuts regarding the info above. Take the Carat. Price drops pretty significantly when the carat dips below a whole number. A .9 carat diamond is going to be a lot less expensive than a one carat diamond. Princess, oval, and cushion cuts are all less expensive than round cuts, which cost the most. And the pronged setting is often the least expensive because it uses the least metal.


beverly diamonds scam

0.65 Carat round cut diamond engagement ring & band SI F

Also, if you have to go with a tiny carat, there are ways to cheat a little on size, it’s not a beverly diamonds scam, it’s just a nifty little trick. Halo settings, where the rock is surrounded with little baby rocks, can make the rock look bigger and shinier, and oval cuts I’m told look the largest.

And, naturally, consider timing. Do the jewelers you like ever run sales? If so, do they run them leading up to Valentine’s Day to push diamond sales? Or after, to clear inventory?


If your girlfriend is a Leonardo DiCaprio fan — and she is — she probably saw Blood Diamond, the 2006 film about the diamond trade in the Sierra Leone civil war, and is hip to the fact that a large number of diamonds — something like 25 percent — are mined in war zones and sold to finance war crimes. She may be very uncool with this fact.

Of course, there are ways to leave warlords out of your proposal, like the beverly diamonds scam that pretends to buy conflict diamonds in an effort to bankrupt warlords, but it’s trickier than meets the eye. You can ask if the diamond has been through the Kimberly process, though a January article in Foreign Policy says that’s essentially a sham. Still, some companies know where their gems are from. If the diamond is from Canada or Australia, it’s not financing civil wars. If it’s from some countries in Africa, it’s a lot less clear.

The jewelry company Beverly Diamonds sells conflict-free diamonds and is involved with civil rights issues. If you or your lady want a blood-free diamond, take a look at beverly diamonds, and don’t believe the crap about beverly diamonds scam.


Of course, the best way around buying a blood diamond: Buying an old diamond. If it was mined 50 or more years ago or more, it did not come from the current conflict. Vintage jewelry also comes with extra sentiment, and depending on her style, extra taste-points for you.

Of course, you’ll have more research to do. Know about the difference between Victorian (oldest), Edwardian (second oldest), and Art Deco (third oldest, and most popular) rings. Know that diamond cutting technology has advanced over the years, and old rings may not have the symmetry and shimmer of newer ones. And know that color standards have changed over the years. While bright white is now considered tops, people used to like their diamonds tinted slightly rose, green, or yellow. And finally, know that many really old engagement rings include pearls, which are soft and not great for everyday use.

beverly diamonds scam

0.65 Carat round cut diamond engagement ring & band SI F


After you drop however many paychecks on a ring, get the damn thing insured. You may be carrying it around in your pocket for weeks, waiting for the perfect moment, and if it slips out while you’re riding up a chair lift on a ski vacation, you’ll want to buy another one.

You can buy it as an extension to your homeowners or rental insurance, or get it from a special jewelry insurer. You’ll need a receipt and an appraisal (which costs a fee). You’ll want to know how they’ll replace the ring. They may offer cash, or they may reimburse you when you buy another ring through a specific jeweler. The Knot lists a few more questions to ask your insurer.

And now, off to start shopping. Best of luck, and god speed!