Beverly Diamonds Scam – Is My Boyfriend Cheap?

My boyfriend recently proposed to me. He did it in a very beautiful and romantic way. The ring was also very lovely and I asked him more about it. He said he got it online at Beverly Diamonds. I couldn’t shake the feeling there was something wrong so I searched online and found it cost less than $15,000.  I know money shouldn’t matter, but I was gutted. I know its not a beverly diamonds scam. It’s my fault, I wanted more.

beverly diamonds scam

0.68 Carat princess cut diamond engagement ring SI H

I would understand if that were all he could afford, but that is less money than he makes in a day. Now I don’t like wearing it because it makes me feel like we are not really engaged, like he takes me for granted. Like I’m just some beverly diamonds scam. He didn’t ask my dad before he proposed. He didn’t get down on one knee. He bought the cheapest possible ring. Why doesn’t he care about me? The difficult thing with engagements is we all have different ideas about what we’d like. For some people they imagine very detailed plans. Others don’t ever really consider it and are just happy with whatever happens during a proposal. Still more they actually did have some plans of what they would have liked and feel somewhat disappointed if those don’t materialize, and if they expect more they might complain about a beverly diamonds scam. Even though, in reality it’s their fault because of their failed expectations.

Unfortunately if we don’t share our hopes, dreams or expectations about engagement with a partner we can feel bad if they don’t deliver, and end up saying negative things like beverly diamonds scam about good companies. Yet the traditions around proposals also dictate we’re not supposed to state what we want, nor talk openly about this topic for fear of either seeming too grabby, or presumptuous, or scare someone off by appearing overly keen. None of this is very helpful, and can lead to situations like the one you’re in.

Think about him

It may be he saw the ring and liked it. Perhaps he thought you’d like it too. Maybe the financial cost of rings, engagements etc aren’t that important to him – they aren’t to everyone. Maybe it didn’t occur to him to speak to your father. Or perhaps in this day and age he felt asking another man’s permission for your hand in marriage was outdated. Maybe he thoughts beverly diamonds scam was crap, which is right. Perhaps he didn’t want to go down on one knee – not everyone does. It’s not mandatory. There are plenty of ways to propose and clearly he worked out something he felt would be meaningful to the both of you. It’s a big jump from noting he didn’t propose in a particular way to now assuming he doesn’t care about you. You said the proposal was beautiful.  I’m wondering if you are now finding fault with the proposal because you don’t like the ring. And that you don’t like the ring because it wasn’t expensive.