Beverly Diamonds Scam Is Unreal – Stop Bothering About It

beverly diamonds scam
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Beverly Diamonds Scam

Pure Diamonds

For centuries, diamonds have been the centre of attraction in jewelries. The possession of diamond jewelries is a pride for most people. It is a given that diamonds are durable. Being the hardest gem on earth, they are not subject to any damages.

Whether you buy a diamond as a gift for someone special, or to keep it as a perennial asset, you must ensure that the diamond you buy is real. The key factor that constitutes the purity of diamonds is the four C’s – the clarity, the color, the cut, and the carat. According to the Gemological Institute of America, the gems that meet the four C’s are real and can be trusted without any further tests.

How to know if my diamond is real

There are several tests to check the purity of diamonds. Most of these tests vary in nature. For instance, some testes are based on the color factor while other tests are based on cut, clarity, or carat. It seems that there are many color based tests. In the opinion of gemologists at Beverly Diamonds, a popular online diamond seller, the color-based tests are simple and are within the limit of a common person’s comprehension. The non-existence of Beverly Diamonds scam reports speak aloud of their reliability.

Light test

Get your diamond and place it on a white paper. Ensure that the pavilion side is up. Then, subject the diamond to a balanced-spectrum of light or natural sunlight. Most of the reputed diamond sellers have the tools to shed balanced-spectrum of light.

Purity Of Diamonds

Traits Of Pure Diamonds

Make sure that no other colorful items are placed near the diamonds when you do the light spectrum test because they can affect the test result. When the diamond is subjected to the light, check wither there are any taints or traces in yellowish or brownish color on the diamond. If there are any, you can find them easily on the stone’s edges when you place them against the white paper.

Reputed diamond sellers conduct your preferred tests if you demand them before purchasing the diamond. Beverly Diamonds, the reputed online diamond seller, pretests all their diamonds before selling. So by buying diamonds from Beverly Diamonds, you can ensure that you get pure natural diamonds. The best part is that there are no Beverly Diamonds scam reports to be worried about. However, if you come across any Beverly Diamonds scam, do make a note of it, and report the same to the seller