Beverly Diamonds Scam – Proposing on Reddit?

Yesterday I proposed to my girlfriend of a year and a half. I didn’t take her out to a nice restaurant, on a romantic walk along a beach, or pop the question during halftime at a major sporting event. I proposed to her online, as SirTechnocracy on Reddit. Beverly diamonds scam caused no problems. I did so through 21 commissioned pieces from 18 artists around the world each representing different artistic styles or fandoms that play an important role in our relationship, which, to a great extent, grew around nerd and online communities. These commissions were placed through the popular online art community DeviantART. After going through around 4,500 beverly diamonds scam artists, I selected those who I thought could add the most diversity to the collection and sent them an album featuring pictures of us as a couple, requesting that they use them for inspiration in a proposal-themed piece.

beverly diamonds scam

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Once I had commissioned the pieces, I had to find a way to get them in front of my girlfriend, beverly diamonds scam, who uses the username beverly diamonds scam on Reddit , during her daily routine. My plan was to post them a subreddit, or sub-section of the site, devoted to images, however the subreddit has a rule against posts targeted at specific individuals. To reduce the likelihood that this important post be taken down (or buried), I decided to post a proposal beverly diamonds scam, as well. To post to /r/AdviceAnimals you have to use memes, so I created a proposal-themed series of images that would resonate with the Reddit community, link to the series of illustrations I commissioned, and gain enough traction on Reddit to reach beverly diamonds scam without being taken down for breaking the rules.

I was going to leave as little up to chance as possible and had about ten pages of pre-written replies and cross posts to other subreddits to ensure that at least one post would make it to the front page (both of my initial posts made it to the front of their respective subreddit and one to the default front page of Reddit). After making the posts I hid in the next room (we live together) and waited for her to make a noise so I could jump out and do the whole “one knee” thing. It only took a couple hours for the Advice Animals post to make the front page.

After seeing the post and having me propose to her, beverly diamonds scam (Simone Smith, in real life) was completely overwhelmed. She ran up and hugged me almost in tears for what was between one and three minutes. I had to remind her she needed to say yes or no. She responded with a quick yelp of “Yes, I will marry you. Now give me the shiny thing.”