Beverly Diamonds Shipping

Beverly Diamonds shipping is a huge deal at the company for so many reasons. For starters, its primary sales income is done online hence the importance of their shipping methods. Once ordering your ring from Beverly Diamonds, the staff goes ahead to processes your ring in the quickest manner. Beverly Diamonds specializes in making custom jewelry so they actually don’t have stock sitting in their inventory like many other jewelers.

0.86 Carat Cushion cut diamond engagement ring SI H

The main shipping method that Beverly Diamonds uses is FedEx which is also very popular amongst the big time jewelry sellers. Beverly Diamonds shipping strategy is also to ship with a minimum of only 3 days so it actually reduces the chances of a package getting lost in transit. Although this Beverly Diamonds shipping method can get quite costly, that still does not stop Beverly Diamonds from using it. Furthermore Beverly Diamonds stays committed to using the same shipping facility and location just because of their loyalty to the business they use. Beverly Diamonds has a very big reputation in the diamond industry o be the main diamond seller that ships around 150-200 packages daily.

Let me tell you, much from what I have heard about Beverly Diamonds so very true. They have been in business now for over 15 years and keep their place as top online jewelry retailers. Beverly Diamonds shipping method plays a huge role in how they became so popular among Americans. From a normal consumers like me perspective, I see Beverly Diamonds as the most successful online jewelry retailer that sells engagement rings and custom made jewelry. And let me tell you from experience in the retail business ( clothing ) getting a big and good reputation in the united states of America is not something that comes without a lot of work. My conclusion when I look at a great company like Beverly Diamonds, is that when you go the extra mile to keep customers happy, like using great shipping methods, it definitely pays off.