This year the Cleveland Cavaliers pulled off something completely unheard of. They came back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA championships. Something that has never been done before in history. Being that they won the NBA Title rings now must be designed for the whole entire team. It is said that NBA championship rings cost about five thousand dollars to make and are worth anywhere from twenty thousand to two hundred thousand depending on what team and what player the ring was given too. makes custom rings ranging from two thousand dollars all the way up to forty thousand dollars.  They are a very reputable company that has been in business for over fifteen years. Located in the world famous International Jewelry Center.

LeBron James was the star of the NBA finals this year. He was awarded the MVP award for the finals and was the most talked about player after they won. He promised that he would bring a championship to his home town in Cleveland and he did exactly that. The only question now is where the Cleveland cavaliers will have their championship ring designed and made. The Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers past two championships rings were created by Jason Jewelry Design from Beverly Hills California who’s main office is located next to the office of . Jason is more of a privet designer who designs very expensive high end pieces.


Beverl Diamonds

Beverl Diamonds id know to design very beautiful designs for their customers. At an extremely affordable price. They can make you a very simple gorgeous ring at a decent price or they can make you a very extravagant diamond ring that has many diamonds of different shapes and will be a little more costly. However at the end of the day will always beat any other retailers cost. The founders of Beverly Diamonds had a vision when the opened their company over a decade and a half ago. Their vision was that everyone, should be able to afford the perfect engagement ring for their love of their life. It is a once in a life time event so why not do it right the first time.

That is why every diamond ring sells online weather it is design off of the website or if it’s a custom design, is extremely competitive in pricing and very affordable to you as the shopper. They know that you have many options when buying a an engagement ring for your future wife to be, and they want you to make the right decision and ask the most important question of your life with the right ring in your hand.

Whether or not the Cleveland cavilers are going to go with a Los Angles based jeweler to create their championship ring like the Golden State Warriors did and the Lakers did is still to be decided. There has been rumors that the owner has been talking to two different New York based companies. All that we know for sure is whichever company is hired to create their new custom championship rings is going to gain a lot of positive exposure as well as gain many future customers knocking on their doors. Good luck to everyone out there. Whether you are looking to buy a premade or create a beautiful custom engagement ring for your future wife, doing so online is definitely the easiest and most economical way of doing so. You will save thousands of dollars, and you will still have a gorgeous one of a kind ring that will make your fiancé smile.


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