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It is easy to find the Oval cut diamonds these days, because this is one of the more popular cuts right now. You find diamonds shaped in this way and studded into earrings, pendants, rings, bands, and other jewelry. However, what’s harder to get is a Princess cut that you have spent a decent amount of time thinking up about.

There is nothing wrong with conceding to price and availability, but these would not be a constraint if you look outside local diamond stores. There are online diamond jewelers aplenty these days, and some of them, like Beverly Diamonds, sell items that speak of the best levels of craftsmanship.

What I found out when shopping diamonds online

Beverly Diamonds offers an online portal where you can find and buy the diamond of your dreams; and for the prices in your dreams as well. You have the best clarity grades and designs feature here, and I can personally attest to the variety of the collections they offer.

You would never have guessed a decade back that buying quality diamonds would ever be so easy, but now it is. Beverly Diamonds have revolutionized the diamond jewelry business by easing the discovery and acquisition of some of the best diamonds in the market, featuring the most modern and stylish designs and accompanying jewelry.

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I bought a Princess Solitaire ring for my wife a year back. There is no point expounding on how good and convenient this purchase proved to be. For starters, this site gives excellent service, impeccable in fact. It would be amiss not to mention how they shipped it to my place and got it to my door, by the second day of placing the order. People rarely appreciate timely delivery these days, but I was making my first purchase at the time, and had started wondering if I’d made a mistake buying jewelry online. Then the doorbell rang and I received the order; neatly and sturdily packed, which is to be expected when one ships jewelry.

Beverly Diamonds has been my jeweler of choice since then, to the point that I tend to visit their site before I do a local jeweler. The online option is spades better than revealing my ignorance at the jewelers, by voicing seemingly silly doubts. It is much easier to find what I need online, buy it there, and then wait for it to turn up in a day or two. I’m also more comfortable sitting in front of my laptop and reading the supplied information on rings and pendants.