How to Choose the Wedding Ring to Match Your Hand

Wedding rings for slender hands

If you have long, thin fingers and narrow palms in a rectangular shape, then you should choose small ring face, sapphire face, round or square diamond. Do not select the ring face too large, because the look will not balance with your hands.

Small hands: Wide palm, short fingers, thin, square should choose the ring medium, avoid wide, elongated ring shape, rectangular or diamond, avoid selecting the ring face.

Chubby hands: If your fingers are short and chubby, choose a simple ring. Your hands will be more slender and prominent with diamond platinum or white gold with a simple slippery style.

The oval wedding ring is suitable for people with rough or broad fingernails.

Big hands: With hands full of rough fingers and nails, you should choose a medium ring, ruby, oval or diamond to look better.

Choose the wedding ring according to your finances

– Buy early ring discount season: Usually before the wedding season, the stores offer attractive promotions for sale. And this is where you can take advantage of a pair of wedding rings suitable for pocket money.

– Buy when the price of gold down: If you intend to hold a wedding, do not forget to update the price of gold, jewelry. If prices are falling do not hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity to buy the wedding ring as well as the type of jewelry needed for the wedding day.

– Buying small at small but reputable stores: Usually large stores or rely on their own brand to sell products at an expensive price. If you want to save money, do not bother buying wedding rings in the store. The small, but reputable, referral friends are also worth a look. If there are friends or acquaintances opening these stores, you should also refer to the price of the product or cleverly based on the relationship to get the best discount.

– The material and details on the ring: The wedding ring represents the bond and bond between the two, so it is definitely not something to sell, and you do not need to choose too expensive. The same pair of rings with the same size and shape but 14k gold can be cheaper than 18k under 1 million.

Besides, rings are also not necessary to attach many precious stones. The beads should match the ring. With the small ring, the type should choose small seeds, avoid large seeds to feel cumbersome and unnecessarily expensive. Sleek rings are preferred for convenience, avoids entanglement, and do not worry about missing stones when working. You can save at least 2 million for processing and stone if you choose this ring.

– Buy on a budget: You should also set a specific budget for buying wedding rings and stick to it. The bride and groom should focus on the wedding ring pattern within the allowable cost limit without resorting to more expensive models. Just once “swinging your forehead” for a momentary desire can cause you many regrets later.