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I am a fan of colored diamonds and Beverly Diamonds are the ones that I like the most. While choosing colored diamonds, you will be having many different options and shades to choose from. For example, there are many shades of pink colored diamonds for you to choose from. As the Valentine’s Day is nearing, the demand for pink diamonds will double and it will be a wise idea to make the purchase well before time. Of course, the demand for pink diamonds will increase during Valentine’s Day as the color symbolizes love and romance.

There are good pink diamond collections at Beverly Diamonds and I have been using them for a long time. The beauty of a heart shaped pink diamond cannot be compared to any other diamond. I have seen the beauty of these diamonds when they are set in white gold or platinum. These stones are much beautiful when set in white background and will be a great gift to your significant other.  Another rare stone that can be found in the Beverly Diamonds collection is the red diamond. These are considered rare as they are not readily available and this is the reason the red diamonds are so expensive.

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Blue is another great color found in Beverly Diamonds. These diamonds are also stunning in white background. Blue diamonds are available in different shades from light sky blue to bright blue shades. There are different color gradients for the colored diamonds and different codes are assigned to different color shades. Another member of the colored diamond family is the yellow diamond. Like all the other members of the colored diamond family, yellow diamond is also available in various shades from soft yellow to bright yellow. Yellow diamond can be set with white diamond to increase the beauty of the yellow diamond.

Other members of the colored diamond family are the orange ones and the green ones, but these are not so common. You will be able to spot a brown diamond easily in the jewelry shops and the color gradient can vary from dark brown to light brown. You may notice some changes in clarity and weight of the stone and it may need some polishing, but making use of the latest techniques that are available these days, you will able to minimize the degradation of transparency and loss in weight of the stone. Colored diamonds can obviously pump up your appearance and if you are planning for a social occasion, I will recommend wearing colored diamonds.