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Diamonds that sparkle.


Everyone wants diamonds that sparkle. Proposing with a diamond that does have any flavour to it is like buying a car to drive cross country and the cars breaks do not work properly. It might work, the car might get you to your destination. But it also might not work and you also might get stuck in the middle of nowhere. The same thing is with buying diamond rings. You want to make sure you are looking at diamonds that sparkle. If the diamond does not sparkle your proposal might work. However, there is also a chance that you will get rejected because of the bad diamond. There is also a chance that you will get rejected in front of many people and it will be incredibly embarrassing.


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The big question is, how does someone make sure that they are looking at diamonds that sparkle? Some people might say that if they would go to a local Jeweler they will be able to make sure that they are only looking at Diamonds that sparkle. However,  the thing that jewelers don’t say is that they have lighting set up in their store that makes diamonds look a lot better than they look in real life. The lighting that they set up can make an incredibly dull diamonds look incredible. The lights are there to fool you. Therefore, I personally believe that  going to a diamond store is not the best way to look for Diamonds that sparkle.


My personal preference in trying to find Diamonds that sparkle is by buying the diamond ring online. Even though you don’t see the diamond ring before you make the purchase. As long as you make sure the company offers a good warranty it is the right way to go. When buying online there are no tricks or gimmicks. There are only the diamonds and that rings they offer. A company that I personally recommend is Beverly Diamonds. If you look at the Beverly Diamonds reviews you will see the many happy customers that they have. Also in the Beverly Diamonds reviews, you will see how many customers bought Diamonds that sparkle and not dull diamonds.


For more information about Beverly Diamonds log on to and when you speak to them make sure to say you are looking for Diamonds that sparkle.


Michael Beasley.

Diamonds specialist.