Figuring Out The Best Diamond Necklace To Wear

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Diamond Necklaces

Diamond engagement rings usually take up a lot of attention, especially since you know it means someone went down on a knee while offering it. Women sometimes forget there are other types of diamond jewelry they can buy. In fact, you can get something to go with the engagement ring. Here, we will look at how a necklace can be made to highlight all of you, and not just the ring you are wearing.

The engagement ring probably takes up the center of you dazzle when you are wearing it on your finger, as it should. It is simple to accessorize with that in mind. If you have a round cut on the engagement ring, then get a necklace with anything but sharper-cut diamonds. Discard the emerald and princess cuts, because the contrasting facets would ruin the smoothed grace of your ring.

How the necklace goes with your outfit is another matter to consider. Some of the best wardrobe choices could not reach their peak of appeal without a matching necklace. Think of the total package, which makes it easier to choose what to wear in the first place. It is better to find the right dress for a stunning diamond necklace that you had been waiting to show off. Try these on together at least once, so you know you have a good pairing.

Sharper-Cut Diamonds

Diamond Necklace Paring

The shape of your neck is an important factor in what type of necklace looks good on you. With a slender neckline, a simple chain pendant would suffice to make you look elegant, but on occasion, this would not suit if your collarbones were too prominent. Check this out separately in a short and a long mirror, so you know how the necklace fits your physique. You do not want to walk in anywhere looking like a display stand, which happens surprisingly often with women.

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