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Go through any Beverly Diamonds reviews online and you will find that their diamond rings are the best and the most affordable in the market. Many satisfied customers have posted favorable Beverly Diamonds reviews online. Most are impressed by the quality of the diamonds and by the fact that they were able to afford elegant looking diamond rings for such low prices.

About Beverly Diamonds reviews

One of the cool reasons you should go for Beverly Diamonds is the fact that they are customizable. In many Beverly Diamonds reviews, it was mentioned that the customers were looking for rings which looked similar to their grandparents’ engagement rings, or similar ones. Many such old ring designs are no longer available in the market. And this is where you will find the benefits of the customization option.

All you need to do for this is to log on to their official website and launch the 3D ring customization feature, and then, keep on making changes until you are sure that you get the right design. There are other easy options too. You will see two different upload options there; one for the photograph of the ring you have in mind, and the other for a link to a similar looking ring you found online.

Beverly diamonds

For this, you first have to sign up using your name, phone number, email id, etc. and mention the metal to be used for making the ring, along with a brief description of your idea for the ring. In the next step, where you can make the necessary changes to the 3D ring mould shown on the screen. Once you have got the base design of the ring right, you can go on to select the diamond stones for the ring. There is a variety of quality diamonds to choose from. You will soon receive a cost estimate for the design you have chosen. If you are satisfied with that, you can place the order.

Of course, engagement rings are not the only jewelry products you will find at the Beverly Diamonds website. They also have a great collection of studs, pendants, bracelets, wedding bands, etc. You will also find matching sets for couples. Also, if you are located anywhere near the Los Angeles region, you can pay a visit to a Beverly Diamonds showroom and select the diamond ring of your choice from their elegant collection.