How to Spot Real or Fake Diamonds with Your Naked Eyes

If you buy a diamond ring for you, your friends, or your family, you obviously expect the diamond to be very special, durable, and most importantly, natural. It is important to know how to spot fake diamonds these days. To get a real diamond, it is important to know how to distinguish between artificial diamond and natural diamond. The following techniques have been used widely and can give you a good accurate result to spot fake diamonds. However, it is still recommended to ask professional to do the appraisal for you.

diamond shape

There are Many Different Diamond Shape

Natural diamonds are not perfect, counterfeits are perfect.

Many people think that an excellent natural rock is completely impervious. That’s not quite right. The Cubic Zirconia synthetic diamond is perfect and has no impurities. Natural diamonds, though of excellent quality, will also have little, small threads, represented by tiny glows in the rock. Artificial diamonds do not have this factors.

Look carefully into your diamond.

Like looking at a crystal ball, when you look inside a diamond, you will see the nature trail with its evidence. Natural diamonds always have something inside. With a microscope, you will see tiny impurities inside the molecular structure.

For that reason, if you put the diamond under your naked eye and looking from side to side (but not upright or downward or upward), you will not be able to see clearly, as the fringes obstruct a portion of the light. However, if you can look through it, it is fake diamonds.

Check diamond hardness.

Natural diamonds always have considerable durability and hardness to cut glass (diamonds used in this technology). If you hit the glass with a diamond scratched or you can create a scratch, it is fake. With this method, you have to be very careful because you do not want to hit your diamond with a heavy object that might cause your real diamond scratched.

Test by reading.

If your diamond is not attached to any ring, place it on a newspaper. If you can read through and the letters are oblique due to the light effect but still clear, then it is fake diamonds. Real diamonds have complex structures that are not easy for light to pass completely. It will make the picture more blurred and you won’t be able to read the newspaper through the diamond.