Jewelry Certification That Belies A Beverly Diamonds Scam

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It can be confusing the first time you hear someone talking about the color of a diamond. Few diamonds are fully colorless, and these are the ones that are worth the most. The GIA ranks them as a ‘D’. However, for people on a budget, colored stones are often the only option. Said color is only seen in the light coming out of the stone; hence, the confusion mentioned earlier. There is no Beverly Diamonds scam to worry about in this regard.

The color of a diamond is only one of the decisive factors in its worth. There is also the cut you should look into, and this should be neither too shallow nor too deep. A shoddy cut does not just obscure the light leaving a diamond, but also affects its durability sometimes. But the sparkle is what’s important to most people. Anyhow, check the cut grading before buying.

Three-stone rings

Rings of this type are meant to signify that your relationship is eternal. This is mostly found in engagement rings, especially those worn by men.

The weight of diamond is measured in carats. Each carat has main points. The carat is one of the four C’s, which people look at before purchasing a stone. One carat carries 200 milligrams of weight; you find few 1-carat diamonds these days without an accompanying grading report or certificate. The latter is usually from a well-known laboratory like GIA.

Diamonds are of different shapes, with different cuts like the solitaire, square, round, and princess. Your choice of cut depends on how you want the stone to sparkle in different light settings. Even with the best color and clarity, the true beauty of the stone can e hidden away if it is not cut properly. The diamond’s brilliance is also affected by many other factors, such as width, depth, and color.

Diamond Jewelry

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Without a certificate, you would have to take the diamond to a jeweler and get it appraised. Thankfully, this is unnecessary if you buy from Beverly Diamonds. Read review from past customers and you would see why the notion of a Beverly Diamonds scam is almost laughable. Check out the wide range of diamond jewelry on sale via their web portal.