My First Diamond Ring Review

Beverly Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds Review

I heard about Beverly Diamonds some time ago from a friend. He said that they were better than other diamond sellers because they sell high quality material, keep a watch on the design and the length to height ratio. However, I was not sure that I would purchase a diamond then, because I always thought that buying diamonds online was risky.

My first diamond

I bought my first diamond almost a year ago. It was a gift for my cousin on her wedding. Putting all my risks at stake, I ordered one from Beverly Diamonds. To my amazement, I got the diamond within the stipulated time, and even the price was slightly less that the market price. There was not even a single flaw I could spot on the diamond as well. It was a perfectly cut round diamond, and it met with all my expectations.

Perfect setting

At first, I was concerned how perfect the setting of the rock on the ring would be. But my friend reassured me at the time of purchase that Beverly Diamonds make sure of the perfect seating. He was quite right. The diamond I received from was perfectly cut and fit exactly to the framework of the ring.

Buying Diamonds Online

Pure Diamonds For Engagement Ring

As a first time buyer, I had no idea what the metal of the ring should be. When I consulted some experts, I was told that platinum was the right combination to go with the sparkly stone. Another reason they highlighted was that platinum was pure and highly durable. Moreover, platinum was the recommended metal for people who have allergic or sensitive skins. Obviously, the reasons were good enough to convince me.

Although most people prefer diamond engagement rings to other alternatives, some feel as if the cost goes quite high. In fact, even I had this thought, but after my experience with Beverly Diamonds, I now recommend this site to everyone.

I have a suggestion to everyone who wishes to buy diamond rings online. Make sure that the diamond is round so that it can be mounted correctly inside the ring. Moreover, there is always a huge demand for round diamonds. An engagement ring attached with a classic round diamond will remain modern and fresh always.