The Proposal that will make her “Say Yes”

Romantic and surprise are the elements that every girl desires. A loving but unexpected proposal from her beloved boyfriend is always the most wonderful and unforgettable sweet memory of any girl. Memorable proposals always need to be poetic, creative and surprise. Let her be the happiest woman before the wedding by the unexpected proposal guide below.

successful proposal

  1. Proposal during a trip

If both of you are adventurous, traveling around the world, a sweet proposal during a roundtrip is an idea that will delight her. You can choose a luxury resort with a beautiful flower garden and small talk with staff to prepare a little decoration and small fireworks you have a beautiful space for the proposal. Besides, if you travel near the sea, you can place the candles in a heart shape on the shore. Then just cover her eyes and lead into that love garden, kneel on one knee with a stunning diamond engagement ring, she will “say Yes” right away.

  1. Make a proposal at the place you first met

The first encounter is a moment never forgotten in each other’s heart. So, a proposal at the old dating site is romantic and full of nostalgia. It can be in a luxury restaurant or some familiar place of two people. Imagine a candlelit dinner with candles and red wine mixed in melodious tunes in a multi-award-winning restaurant. She would be extremely surprised and happy with your sweet and unique proposal. Click here to shop a discount diamond ring that will make her say “Yes!” while staying on your budget.

  1. Proposal for a treasure hunt

Enjoy exploring, deciphering mysteries, and adventure. If she has these personality traits, then turn your sweet proposal into a mysterious treasure hunt, and you’ll surprise her when the game ends. Following the suggestion and a little dramatic, exciting challenge, she would be very impressed with your unique wedding proposal. This will be a memorable memory of you two forever.

  1. Home-made wedding proposal is full of surprises

Deciding to be committed with someone is not easy, so a bustling marriage proposal is worth it! You can mobilize friends around to dance a flashmod to your lover or prepare a big heart wreath to surprise her. She will be very touched and happy to see your preparation. But before deciding to propose, you need to make sure she will agree and do not be shy in front of the crowd.