The Truth About Beverly Diamonds Scam

I have often wondered about the fame of Beverly Diamonds. Perhaps, it is the only diamond seller that has got a very strong customer base. While most other diamond sellers are frequently targeted by online scams and ripoff reports and spend millions of dollars every year for advertisements, Beverly Diamonds is seldom seen being targeted or defamed by any Beverly Diamonds scam reports.

Well, I do not mean that there is no Beverly Diamonds scam reports at all. Occasionally, Beverly Diamonds complaints are fabricated by its enemies or competitors with vested interests. But the truth is that they hardly get noticed, thanks to the trust customers have in Beverly Diamonds. In fact, whenever any Beverly Diamonds complaints are spread online, the customers unite in support of the seller.

Beverly Diamonds follow a very noble business ethics. For the seller, the satisfaction of its customers is the primary priority. This sincere approach has placed it in an unparallel position. In fact, there is no other diamonds seller that comes closer to Beverly Diamonds in terms of popularity or fame.

Common diamond scams and how Beverly Diamonds deal with them

I have spent a good deal of time to find out the truth about Beverly Diamonds complaints. The obvious truth I have found out is that there is not even a single Beverly Diamonds scam report that is proved true. This made me review scam reports about other sellers.

My search about diamonds scams led me to the fact that many diamonds sellers market artificial diamonds in pretext of real diamonds. Artificial diamonds are factory-made. Although they are quite similar to pure diamonds in terms of chemical composition, they are pretty cheaper in price. Apparently, no one will ever want to buy artificial diamonds.

Beverly Diamonds Complaints

Diamonds From Beverly Diamonds

It takes several years for a natural diamond to be formed. On the other hand, artificial diamonds are formed in a factory setting within hours. The frequent complaints about diamonds from most sellers are related to the purity of diamonds. Often, these sellers are blamed for selling artificial diamonds in the pretext of real diamonds.

Beverly Diamonds procures raw diamonds from international mines and processes them in their own facility. They have got qualified gemologists to test the quality of diamond as well. That is why they never sell artificial diamonds.

All diamonds sold at Beverly Diamonds are certified by GIA. This has helped the seller stay away from all forms of Beverly Diamonds scam and complaints. And that is why I trust them wholeheartedly.