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This is an experience I had when I ordered a Beverly Diamonds ring. I recently found the most perfect wedding ring for my daughter, the Princess Solitaire ring with side stones, and placed a purchase order for it online. I got the delivery within the specified time, but when I opened the package, I found a plain princess solitaire ring instead of what I had asked for.

The side stones were the whole point of me ordering the thing; my daughter had taken a liking to them. I wanted to get her exactly what she wanted, and I did not want to compromise on this. I hadn’t read any Beverly Diamonds complaints anywhere. Apprehensive anyhow, I called them up and notified them about what had happened.

The response

Initially, the guy who answered my call at Beverly Diamonds checked this out. He then said that I’d originally placed an order for the Princess Solitaire Ring, which was the plain thing I’d gotten. He was polite about it, and asked me to check the separate page links for the two models, while he held the line. I did, and sure enough, I had somehow ordered the wrong thing.

The representative on the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell asked me if I wished for a replacement, and I said yes. They said the ring with the side stones cost more than what I had paid, just the way it was shown on the website. As for what I would have to do, they told me to ship the plain Solitaire ring back to them, and place another order.

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I did both, and in short order I got the Princess Solitaire with side stones delivered at my doorstep. They didn’t charge a dime more, as some Beverly Diamonds complaints would have made you believe. I did end up having to pay for the return shipping of the first ring, but way I see it, it was my own fault anyway.

I later checked out some Beverly Diamonds complaints, and realized that in almost all the cases, it wasn’t the website that was to blame. Many times, customers placed retracted orders after shipping was already under way. And most people aren’t willing to wait long enough for the second package to arrive, and I can relate to that.

Beverly Diamonds does sell great diamond jewelry at affordable prices. I can surely bet on their quality and standards.