Yellow Diamond Rings

Yellow diamond rings are stunning and beautiful jewelry that make a bold statement about your fashion sense and individuality. More and more, people are realizing the beauty of it and elegance of it. It’s not just limited to wearing at the office or at a dinner party, yellow diamond rings have become the engagement and wedding rings of choice for many couples these days. At the 1997 Inaugural Ball for Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton worn a 4.23 carat “Kahn Canary” diamond ring designed by Henry Dunay.

Yellow diamond vs White diamond

Traditionally, people have preferred white, colorless diamonds. White diamonds with yellowish hues are considered imperfect and less valuable. However, if a diamond has an intense color, they could be categorized as a fancy colored diamond like a yellow diamond and they are valuable.

There are over 200 known colors in diamonds and yellow diamonds are one of the most popular and sought after. The yellow color comes as the nitrogen atoms in the stone are distributed differently from a traditional white diamond. PriceWhen purchasing yellow diamond rings, bands, bracelets or other jewelry, you will find that a piece of similar quality as one set with clear colorless diamonds usually cost less. The savings from a lower price is an important reason why yellow diamond engagement rings are selected over a white diamond ring.

Especially for younger couples who may not be as financially established, this alternative offers great value and beauty at the same time. A yellow diamond is still a real diamond and valued based on the 4 C’s: clarity, color, carat and cut. Paris Hilton received a 24 carat canary yellow diamond engagement from Paris Latsis that is valued at a reported $4.7 million.

Real or Simulated?

Affordable yellow diamond rings can also be made from non-natural yellow diamonds. As a result of the market demand, there are a lot of yellow diamond jewelry that are made from lower white diamonds that have been treated. Usually, they do not keep their original price/value, and tend to fade over time. Some may also be imitation or simulated “diamonds,” made from non-diamonds. Examples will include yellow quartz, cubic zirconia or glass. Other options include precious stones like the yellow topaz or sapphire.

These jewelry or accessories cost less than authentic natural yellow diamond jewelry but they rightly deserve a place in the market as well. For one, they have trendy, stylish designs and are priced a lot lower. As a diamond ring buyer, please be careful when making a purchase. Fancy yellow diamond rings can be found on HSN, Zales, Bloomingdales, Blue Nile, eBay and Amazon. When shopping, be discerning as to the price, quality and background of the diamonds and jewelry.

For assurance and peace of mind, purchasing diamonds that are certified or better yet, that come with an official GIA (Gemological Institute of America) report which proves authenticity.