Where Do Diamonds Come From?

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Diamonds have been appealing to both men and women for centuries. It is possible to trace mentions of diamonds in even in early records of history. Mentions of diamonds were in fictions, stories, and novels, often associated with love, fantasy, and power.

Well, diamonds are not something that ordinary people cannot afford. Diamonds are popular today among ordinary citizens as well, thanks to the discovery of the many diamond deposits in different parts of the world.


About diamond mining

India is one of the first places where Diamonds discovered for the first time in history. As per the records, diamonds found in India in early 4th century. India is considered to be the contributor of world’s most rare and expensive diamonds such as the Kohinoor, the Sancy, and the Orlov. Nevertheless, India has very few diamond mines at present.

Another known place where diamond discovered is Borneo. Borneo diamond deposits found in the 18th century. Russia, China, and South Africa have the biggest deposits of diamonds today. However, it should be noted that the diamond deposits in these countries were discovered only quite recently.

South Africa has the largest deposits of the diamonds today. Diamond importing is the nation’s primary source of income. The first diamond deposit in South Africa was found in Cape Colony, a province in South Africa, in 1867.

The discovery of many diamond deposits has contributed to the popularity of the diamonds among people from all walks of life. Diamonds were a personal pride of the rich before the 18th century.

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