Beverly Diamonds Reviews

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What are Accent Diamonds?

Important Diamond Facts Solitaire is a classic and timeless engagement ring style, but not everyone wants it. Although Beverly diamonds reviews seem to be pretty impressed by it, others veer towards flashier or more modern styles. Do you think a ring with one diamond at [Read More]

What Are Conflict Free Engagement Rings

Important Diamond Facts Conflict-free is the term used to denote a diamond which is sourced ethically. In the history of diamonds, it can be observed that blood diamonds have caused many instances of bloodshed, riots, and mass suffering. It is very important to ensure that [Read More]

What Are Lab Created Diamonds?

Interesting Diamond Facts Diamond is a substance which is formed naturally under the earth. However, some diamonds are created artificially in laboratories as well. It is under high temperature and high pressure that a diamond is formed under the earth’s surface. When the same conditions [Read More]